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pre-recorded video interviews

Pre-recorded video interviews: 4 best practices for success

Pre-recorded video interviews offer numerous benefits for both employers and candidates, including time-saving, uniformity in th...

4 unique interview questions to help you find the best employees

4 unique interview questions to help you find the best employees

The last time you conducted a job interview, did you ask unique interview questions specialized to the job? Or, were the questio...

Live video interviews: best practices for interviewers

Tapping remote talent. Speeding up the hiring process. Avoiding travel expenses and environmental costs of in-person meetings. T...

Video interview tips for employers

The video interview: top tips for employers

Resumes tell you whether candidates have the minimum requirements for a job. True? Maybe. But what happens with intangible skill...

Best way to schedule an interview time with multiple candidates and interviewers

To manage scheduling interviews with multiple candidates and interviewers, consider minimizing the number of interviews conducte...

Interview feedback to hiring manager

How to document interview feedback for your hiring team

Documenting interview feedback is crucial as it facilitates effective communication and collaboration among interviewers, leadin...

How to schedule job interviews efficiently: a guide for recruiters and hiring managers

Scheduling job interviews effectively involves early coordination with hiring teams, minimizing email exchanges with candidates,...

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